Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Summer He Came Home by: Juliana Stone

3.5 Stars
Sleeping with the Enemy meets Sweet Home Alabama.

Cain is a reformed bad boy who has come back to his small town Michigan roots for the funeral of a close friend. Fresh from a tour with his band, and a divorce from his hussy, starlet wife. He is all kinds of rock star hot and broken, in need of a good woman to heal his wounds.
Maggie is a cute, spunky, red-headed southern belle that cleans houses for the locals.  She has a cute 7 year old son, and is obviously running from some kind of past.
There are even a few slutty townies and Snobby rich folks thrown in for good measure.
I enjoyed this one as my first read of 2013.  It wasn't a thought provoking piece of literature, it was a light and fluffy read to get you through a lonely New Year's Eve.  The characters had me drawn in from the beginning, and I can't wait for more Crystal Lake Bad Boys. There is definitely a story behind all the main characters, and I can't wait find out.

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