Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rule by Jay Crownover

Rule (Rule, #1)Rule by Jay Crownover
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am really glad I waited for the nice and fixed version of this book.  I had heard great things about, but people seemed really annoyed that it was poorly edited.  This version had no problems that I could see.

Rule is your quintesencial tattooed, asshole, player, bad know the ones we always fall in love with.
Shaw is your uncommon rich girl with family issues in love with aforementioned bad boy.
Unlike most of the stories with these characters, it didn't follow the same formula.  It was a nice and easy read without too much angst to drive you nuts.  It also has one of my favorite quotes froma a book ever.

"I'm not giving you his number because he's mine and if you get anywhere near him I swear to God the things I do to you will be chronicled on Investigation Discovery for years to come" Shaw

I gave her a fictional character high five!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Hector by Elizabeth Reyes

2 Stars (and I'm being generous)

Oh where to start..........

I loved all the other books, but this one was a train wreck.  I didn't want to look, but I had to see where she was going with it.  I liked Hector, but he fell victim to the ever present, as of late, magic vagina.  He fell victim to it before he even had it.  I feel like if you are going to be a bad ass, player, boxer, you should stick to the character a little better.

1. I physically did a face plant when he joined the chess team, and became a walk on for the US Chess team.
2. Porn/sex toy addicted virgin?
3. heart shaped shaving.
4. The story had complete randomness.
5. Cringe worthy sex scenes.....and I have read a lot of strange things.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Destined to Change Release Day!!

The day has come.....a little early. Lisa Harley has released her first novel a day early. I am so excited for her, and to you who get to read it. I hope you all fall in love with the characters as much as I did.
 Here is a little tease of the amazingness!!

The First Kiss

"I honestly don’t remember a time that Declan and I weren’t together. Every picture of me from when I was little had Declan in it. We spent all of our time together at school and after school. We loved to go to the pond on my family’s farm and just play. He loved to tease me with frogs, snakes, or whatever he could find to make me scream. That was actually how I got my first kiss. I was ten years old, so Declan was eleven. He had just caused me to release a blood curdling scream when he threw a huge frog at me! I was freaking out and he came over and that’s when he did it. He hugged me. It wasn’t like he hadn’t before, but this time was different. When he pulled away he gave me a little peck on the lips, and then, I was pretty sure he was going to start screaming. The look on his face was horrific. He looked scared to death. I didn’t know what to do, so I did what any good country girl would do…I stomped on his foot and ran all the way back to my house."

Lisa is also doing a giveaway for the you have another chance to win her book!!
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Sunday, February 10, 2013






AGE GROUP: 14 - 20+



Final Awaken Cover



Three things run through my mind at this very moment…
ONE, my life as I once knew it will never be the same.
TWO, the person I’m in love with might not even exist.
THREE, the deception that has unfolded before me has the power of life and death.

Sixteen year old, Breanna Davis, has heard the saying; life isn’t always what it seems…well, that saying rings true now more than ever. As horrifying visions appear before her, revealing tragedies that will forever change the fate of those she loves, she realizes that she may be the only person who can stop them from becoming reality. Amongst the chaos of this new discovery, Bre is faced with a stranger, Eve, who moves in on Bre’s friends and begins to follow her every move. As Eve’s true motives begin to surface, Bre must fight against, not only the visions, but the dangers Eve holds close. There is another secret kept- Collin, a boy held captive in Bre’s dreams, the boy she is secretly falling in love with but isn’t sure he even exists. As she tries to make it work with Austin, an old friend who could possibly be more, Bre battles against her feelings for Collin. Bre is faced with an almost impossible decision, to choose her life or follow her destiny. If she doesn’t intercede, people will certainly die. If she does, her own life could be at stake. In the end, if she fails, she’ll lose everything.
Jaime Guerard - Copy (2)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Friday

Sorry I have been a little MIA this week, I have been in kind of a book funk. Not to mention trying to find a house, stomach flu decimating the ranks, and chasing three small children. I promise next week I will be back to my reading, blogging self. Have a good weekend!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome Fools For Luv Blog Hoppers

Congrats Andi!!

These are our illustrious hosts:

As my part of the blog hop I will be giving away a copy of Destined to Change by Lisa Harley, it will be released on Valentine's Day!! It is a sweet contemporary. 

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Thanks everyone for stopping by.....Good luck, and have fun!

Destined to Change!!!

My good friend Lisa wrote this book, and it is scheduled to be released on Valentine's day.  She let me beta read it, and I will be doing a review on it in the coming weeks.  It was really good, and I think y'all will enjoy it.