Saturday, January 12, 2013

With Love by: Shawnte Borris

Her life was all set…she had everything she had ever dreamed of. Promises of forever…. But promises can be broken. Alyson Almon, or Ally as she is called, finds this out in a tragic way. The emotional scars on her heart are ones only she can feel. With a change of location and a makeover she tries to start her life anew. She is drawn to a beautiful wedding and snaps some photos, capturing the love between the bride and her father. Luke McDerment, brother of the bride, is a man who is dealing with his own loss. Their paths cross when he spies her gorgeous photos and the instant attraction is something neither of them can deny.

Luke, with the help of his family who also find themselves drawn to this haunted young woman, involve her in a project that throws her right in the middle of this loving, warm family. They have a Gala coming up and Ally is the perfect photographer to capture the moments. Ally is embraced by the family and finds that she needs the love and warmth this family gives so effortlessly. She also finds the attraction to Luke is something she can’t deny. Can they fight the electricity between them and just walk away or will they let fate hand them the happy ending they both desperately need?

4.5 Stars
Even though this is a novella, a lot of emotional ground is covered in a spectacular way.  You learn how families can either fall apart, or become stronger in the process of grieving. Shawnte Borris definitely leaned from the Molly McAdams of emotional warfare, lol. Making you fall in love with all the characters, and internalizing their struggles.   

The journey starts in a cab coming from who knows where. It feels like you are coming into the middle of something important, you just don't know what it is yet.  You know something is terribly wrong, but aren't quite sure what it is. While riding in the cab, you realize Ally is lost and is running away from something.  I was hooked to the story, for good or bad, at this point.  I felt Aly had let me come along on a journey full of pain, and she needed me to stay strong and hear it all out to the end.  I know I maybe a little too attached to my reading....but it hasn't served me wrong yet!

As the story developes and grows the character introduced become important to the story.  All of them have a history and pain that needs to be explored.  As this family takes her in, she is also, somehow, fixing them at the same time they fix her.  It is absolutly beautiful.

No review would be complete with the mention of Luke.  Ah...Luke.  Sucessful business man, caretaker of the family, devestatingly beautiful, damaged, and fully smitten with Ally from first sight. Watching them do a dance of flirting and pushing was fun.

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  1. Awesome review! Can't wait to read this book.

  2. I think it depends on the circumstances & the type of person you are. Sometimes I need to hide away from everyone for a bit to compose myself during a rough time. At other times, I may need to talk, rant, rave, cry, & express feelings to family or friends to push through a rough spot.

    1. I am usually the one who tries to support the family, but I tend to do my grieving by myself. Probably not the healthiest way to do things.