Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stone Passions Trilogy bundle
Somehow this little gem written by a fellow Army wife slipped by me for a while.  This was kind of a good thing, because I got to read them all back to back.  This was also a bad thing because I was a total book zombie for a week.  Then it took me another week to mentally process all this wonderfulness.  I blame a friend of mine because she failed to mention the tag lines 'statue molesting' 'high flying 69 of hotness' or 'Holy cringing lady parts batman'.  Had she told me that, I would have read them sooner!!

These books follow a group of brothers, that happen to be drop dead gorgeous, and gargoyles.  Not a paranormal genre I am used to, but I loved it.  I mean really, how many vampires and werewolves can you really read....ok don't answer that, but a little variety can be good.

If you are looking for something hot, new, emotional, and keeps you reading into the wee hours, this is the one, or ones.  The best part is the bundle is only around 6.50, so you don't even have to feel guilty about one-clicking. (not that any of us really do anyway)

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