Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Elect by Rachel Van Dyken

When I got approved for this ARC I did a serious happy dance.  I loved the first one, and have been waiting like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve for the next one.  Now I have it my hot little hands.  I let you guys know how it is.  If you haven't read the first one, go check it out.  

3.5-4 stars
This book gives a lot of back story on the men of the Eagle Elite you get to see how they interacted as children, and now as adults.  It gave you a glimpse of how even though they are "bosses" they are still only in their early 20's.  
Things I loved
1. The love triangle is alive and well. There is so much tension between Chase and Nixon, while Trace seems clueless
2. Trace shoots someone, and they totally deserve it.  I was shocked and laughing at the same time.
3. We get to meet a new character Mil, and I have a girl crush on her.  She is awesome, and apparently will play a big part in the next book.
4. It made me cry a little, I never cry at books, so this was a major accomplishment.  A character that I hated and wanted to wear the cement shoes ended up making me feel bad for him.  
5. Tons of action.  I never knew who was going to get shot, who was on top, and who was double crossing.
6. Nixon quotes Shakespeare....swoon

Things that made me a little nuts
1. The love aspect was kind of glossed over.  I would have liked a more romantic side...read a little smutty.
2. Holy cliffhanger batman....but at least I will be assured of another book.
3. I would have like more girl POV's

In the end, I loved it and will be reading the next one. But, I will read anything this woman writes.  If you are looking for a series that is Romeo and Juliet meets the Godfather, this one is for you.

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