Monday, December 16, 2013

Stripped By Jasinda Wilder

It was sooooo bad.
1 Star

I feel like someone took all the annoying traits from New Adult (virgins, billionaires, abs, clueless female lead, ect.) and jumbled them together for one book. You have a weak female lead who is....wait for it.....a virgin stripper from Georgia. She actually collapses with despair at the drop of a hat. If some actually fainted with despair in front of me I would point and laugh.

The male counterpart is a bad boy actor with millions and millions to waste, who falls in love with said virgin stripper in three minutes. You know the type, troubled, rough childhood that he suppresses with an endless string of booze, bimbos, and drugs until he meets the shining light that is Grey.

It is really that bad.

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