Monday, May 26, 2014

Tracy Wolff Binge

All of them 4 stars!!!
I spent the weekend with Z, Ash, and Ethan....what can I say it was a long weekend.  I just discovered this author last week and I have been having a total binge on her books.  Look at the covers, they are worth checking the book out just to stare at the cover.

Shredded and Shattered are part of a snowboarding series, I don't even like the cold, but I make exceptions.  Both books have an ending so you are not left with a cliffhanger.  Each book deals with a different friend.

Ruined is a CEO/intern book, but not in the creepy Monica Lewinsky little black dress way.  I think Ethan might have been my favorite. This one had a total cliffhanger end....I kept trying to flip pages on my iPad, but alas no more pages.  The good news is the second one comes out soon.  (I am trying to score an Advanced Copy) 

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