Monday, June 17, 2013


Sorry peeps, I have been totally slacking lately.  Between the husband having 30 days of leave, and trying to get ready for RomCon in Colorado Springs things have been crazy.
Here is a list of some of the good ones I have been reading this month.

This one was a short, and free :), read about a girl that gets picked for a reality TV show, extremely similar to Survivor.  It made me laugh, and had some pretty steamy scenes as well.  Definitely worth the one-click.

This was Tara Brown's first attempt at an adult book.  It was really good.  You have the straight laced, super pretty girl who doesn't know it, moving in with the sexy rock star.  They both rented the same apartment by accident.  Lots of angst and witty banter.

Blew me away!!  Not like anything I have ever read before.  I felt like I was reading a romance version of Life of Pi, with an On The Island twist.  I was really impressed, and will be reading more from this author.

The big winner of the month so far is Obsession by J. Armentrout.  Her books can be a hit or miss for me, but she is usually a good enough author that pick up her books when they come out.  This is a spin off of the Lux series, but from the enemy side, and an adult book.  There is no YA in this one.  I really enjoyed it, and the next one can't come out soon enough.

(I started several other books, but did not finish most of them.  I figured I wouldn't bore you with the mediocre ones)

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